Welcome to SESH... Recycled Skateboard Jewellery and Art. Recycled Skateboard Jewellery and Art.


Skateboards are much more than 7 layers of maple. SESH is much more than recycled skateboard jewellery. They are both a way of life.

SESH are proudly becoming a well-established and respected brand in the UK skateboarding, jewellery and fashion communities. This is not only because of the high quality innovative designs that are carved by hand from broken skateboards, but also for the community projects they are passionate to support and the inspirational followers who also have genuine SESH running through their veins.

Making jewellery and art from recycled skateboards is founders James and Stacey’s utter passion (they literally live and breathe it) and are very proud of every single piece which is carefully designed and handcarved in their Huddersfield workshop.

Skateboards are treasured by their owners, and endure so much in their often short life. At the end of their life the lucky ones will be placed with honour on the walls of their owners, but for too many they are left abandoned or forgotten. Even if they are recycled there may be little passion in the hands of the recycler and even less in the future item they become.

The past story is left forgotten. Their trials and successes are no longer recognized. SESH come along and give life back to skateboards with the same passion, determination, belief and understanding that the very concept of them began with. However, they can now be cherished and enjoyed forever more in the hands of individuals that too understand and sometimes reflect on their own trials and successes through life. The rest of its story is then written by its new owner

The SESH collections have been inspired by designers and individuals across the UK and they carefully select each board’s history and feature to ensure there is a special mini piece of art you can wear with pride. There are only a limited number of each handmade piece ever made and many include complete one of a kind designs. We also love creating custom pieces upon request. SESH have been commissioned to create anything from wedding rings, home artwork, favourite symbol pendants to even making a full size Cosh as wall art for Bez from Happy Mondays.

“Like the people who wear SESH – we never follow but create our own path! We have merged together our passions of skateboarding, design and art to create something very special. Strength, Endurance, Solidarity and Honour is both our motto and journey, so we aim to instill this passion into every single design”