Welcome to SESH... Recycled Skateboard Jewellery and Art. Recycled Skateboard Jewellery and Art.

Our Process

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  • Ridden
  • Rescued
  • Handcarved
  • Worn

Ridden to death by the brave

Skateboarding is one of the most passionate and difficult paths to pursue, but it is often not acknowledged outside of the skateboarding community for the special and unique qualities it entails. A skateboard is much more than simply 7 pieces of compressed maple. It begins with an idea and dream surrounded by inspirational thoughts and passion before it even is created. These feelings never die. It begins with a young skateboarder that had a dream to own his very own skateboard store and brand. This dream then follows into the hands of the skateboard designer and factory makers of the boards. The passion stays alive once again to the local skate stores and skatepark owners that work around the clock and sacrifice so much purely for the love of skateboarding. The energy passes on once again to the skater that picks up this board with so much ambition and shares its life. They go through every emotion possible together. Many boards journey ends here. For the lucky ones they will be placed with honour on the walls of their owners, but for too many they are left abandoned or forgotten. The story is forgotten. Their trials and successes are no longer recognised.

SESH come along and give life back to these boards with the same passion, belief and understanding that the very concept of them began with.

Rescued and designed by the passionate

Skateboards are made from 7 layers of compressed maple; a very complex yet beautiful wood; which through our careful craftsmanship and attention to detail creates perfect light weight and smooth pieces of jewellery. Don’t be fooled by a skateboards rough, broken exterior. It has simply faced many battles in its past life! We bring its soul alive so the natural beauty can be enjoyed by everyone.

Skateboards are passed onto SESH from a variety of sources including skateparks, skate shops and skateboarders ranging from amateur to professional. Each skateboard has its own unique history and this is reflected into the future design it becomes. SESH pay towards many charities and community projects in exchange for skateboards. This is something important to us as it gives back so much more than simply saving landfills. For us the heart of SESH comes from what can be given back as well as the previous life each board has lived.

Within each board there are unique colours in the layers as well as scratches and markings. Time is spent with each piece to carefully match colours and designs to ensure they are at the forefront of what the SESH family loves. The griptape is removed to reveal the top of the deck and on occasion we come across some incredible artwork which we turn into one of a kind pieces.

Handcarved by the creative

Once we have matched the skateboard with a design we draw on the board using precise measurements for the maximum quality. We cut through the board to reveal the new design. We them meticulously sand and carve the piece by hand to make its original coloured layers really stand out. There are three stages within the sanding process. The final stage involves ultra-fine sanding to ensure the piece is so smooth and amazing to touch. The art and pieces are finished with three layers of specialist varnish to ensure the wood is non-porous and shines beautifully. Overall the process to create each piece is long and labour intensive, however, due to the talent of SESH artist James we are able to create the highest quality recycled skateboard jewellery and art that is affordable.

Worn by the inspirational & Passed through Generations

Each design and piece of art has a name which includes its own personality. The name comes from either its previous life or is chosen in competitions by SESH family members on our social media. A brief history of each design is included on the SESH packaging but we are more than happy to tell you more about the skateboards old life and crafting processes upon request. Further details about each skateboard is on our Tumblr page and can be linked back to every design.

The message we would like to pass onto each person who wears SESH is simple. Stand proud for whatever your passion is and treat it like skateboarders treat their boards; with respect, passion and determination. Live and breathe it. Shout it out to the world that this is your love! Dream it. Replay your next trick over and over then go out and damage every part of you until you feel that one special moment that it all pays off – even if it is for a few seconds. Enjoy the little pleasures in life and look back through the hard times with a smile that getting back up was your greatest achievement. Then finally surround yourself with people that understand this. Pass your stories down to as many people as possible.

The energy of dreams surround each piece and as you pass it down to family, in thanks of friendships or as a well-deserved treat to yourself; never forget the solidarity throughout your journey that has led you to where you are today. Give honour to each person or event that has touched you and completed you.

We want each individual who wears SESH to reflect upon their own battles, however big or small these may seem to others. They need to look back to the place when they were perhaps at their weakest but remember how this time gave them the strength they possess today.